New release for BobCAM for Rhino

Version 2 of BobCAM for Rhino is now available to download. With the release of V2, their new 5-axis premium module is now available for all BobCAD-CAM’s product families.

New toolpath technology and workflow reduces programming time and simplifies processes while expanding machining capabilities—the ultimate toolpath bundle for job shop manufacturers programming 3, 4, or 5-axis CNC machines.

“I am so excited for users to their hands-on BobCAD-CAM’s new products. Every customer will find enhancements and new features to get their NC programs to the machine faster and easier! There was a lot of focus on the usability, all the way up to new cutting strategies for shops who are pushing machines to their limits.” Greg Myers, Director, R&D, BobCAD-CAM, Inc., developer of BobCAM for Rhino.

New efficiency and improvements:

  • Deburring. Automatically create toolpath to trim complex edges or apply chamfers/fillets to part feature edges when posting in 3, 4, or 5-axis.
  • Probing. Simplify and automate the process of programming, simulating, and posting CNC probing cycles.
  • Auto 3+2 Roughing. Index roughing for 5-axis using automatic, semi-automatic, or manual direction of approach.
  • 3-5 Axis Conversion. Apply automatic 5-axis tilting for 3-axis tool paths.
  • Turn Mill. Faster material removal for Mills and Mill-Turn Machines where both the stock and tool spin to increasing surface speed. Machine part profiles result in less chip consideration and faster cycle times.
  • Multiaxis Machining . New finishing strategies added to what was previously called Multiaxis Roughing. Now users can choose from roughing and finishing options with specific tool paths for wall and floor finishing.
  • Multiblade. New advanced optimized operations for 5-axis machining of impellers and blisks. Specific operations to rough and finish blades, hubs, and fillets.
  • Port Machining. New advanced optimized operations specific for CNC port machining require minimal user input.

BobCAM for Rhino works on Rhino 6 or greater. It is localized in eight language packs: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Czech, Italian, and Portuguese.

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