New Push/Pull Command - Any way to create new solids?

When using the new push pull command is there any way to make the extrusions be separate from the original solid, so they are not automatically joined? Or what would be the easiest command to separate after the push pull and then re join into 2 solids?

Ctrl+Shift select the face you’re extruding, then Ctrl+Shift select the {new) extruded solid, then run ExtractSrf command followed by cap command (assuming the extrusions come from a planar face) ?

I see that PushPull won’t necessarily give you separate faces on all borders so a DupFace command would be a nice addition (I don’t think there is one) so that one can duplicate the border without exploding/extracting then quickly PushPull it :slight_smile:

If you select a face (Ctrl+Shift) and use the extrude handle (black in image below) on the Gumball, and tap Alt while dragging (or alt+click for numerical entry), it will generate a separate object. Does this help?

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