New print dialog box very laggy with many pages

looks like the print dialog box has been overhauled, but in my 25 page rhino document the user interface becomes extremely slow, each click taking ~30 seconds presumably because it’s trying to re-render every page at every click to generate the thumbnails. is there a way to revert?

rhino version 7.24.22308.15002

Hi William -

Rhino 7 is hardly being touched anymore at this point, so I’m wondering which version you’d revert to.
Which command are you using to print?

Hi Wim -

Thanks or the response - just using COMMAND + P to print, I think that invokes the standard Rhino print dialog box.

From what I can tell, the print dialog user interface was redone in the latest Rhino 7 Mac update? If so, I assume it’d be a meaningful bug, or maybe I didn’t understand your point about not working on Rhino 7 any more. Regarding reverting, I was just checking if there’s some config flag or setting / command to use the old print dialog box.


Hi Bill,
Did you just update to Ventura? I believe Apple redesigned the print dialog in the latest version of their operating system and we’ve been getting reports about problems related to this change.

Hi Bill -

That invokes the standard macOS dialog box. We recommend to use the ExportAll command on macOS to make use of the Rhino PDF functionality.

Yes I did recently update to Ventura, so that’s where the new print dialog box comes from, thanks for the catch. I have only tried printing from Rhino since updating OS, so I assumed it was a new Rhino feature.

Tried ExportAll - Dot tags missing their text, but seems like it could work more efficiently for me if I find a workaround for dots, thank you.

Hi Bill -

Thanks for mentioning that - that looks like an oversight in porting the Windows Print dialog UI and I reported this as RH-71644 File IO: Export → PDF: Sizing Dot objects

I agree that the print dialog interactions are very laggy, with the spinner coming up multiple times. This occurs when just printing a 1:1 area of the screen on 8.5" x 11" paper to a local printer. I’m using a Macbook Pro M1 Max and the latest Rhino version, so I think it’s a rhino issue. I do use command P to print.

Hi, I am having the same issue since upgrading to ventura. I don’t want to ‘work around’ it. I would like the print to pdf options to continue functioning like it is supposed to. Is this something that is being fixed?

Hi All, the only fix I’ve been given by McNeel is to use RhinoWIP for printing. My print times were at ca- 25 mins in Rhino 7. In the WIP the delays are gone but of course the multitude of bugs in the current WIP makes it a no go for actual design.

Hi All -
It’s not clear from the descriptions here which version of Rhino 7 you are on.
A partial fix for this issue when into the Rhino 7 SR27 Release Candidate.
A more complete fix is on the Rhino 8 list.
Please report back with your system information.