New named views from list open floating viewport for each

name view test (21.4 KB)

Hi All,
I have a list of names. Using python in GH I would like to:

  • test to see if a named view matching each name in my list already exists
  • if a named view matching my list of names doesn’t already exist I’d like to create a new named view with the name from the list.
  • when creating a new named view I’d like the new named view to inherit all the prosperities of a specific guide view that will be specified as an input via a panel or something similar
  • after all named views have been created I’d like to move the camera of each view in my input list via a specific series of transforms. I have one transform matrix per input view name. I’d also like to set the display mode of each named view at this time as well.
  • finally i’d like to test to see which if any of the named views in my input list are already open as floating viewports. if a named view in my input list is not already open as a floating viewport i’d like to open it in a new floating viewport.

I’ve tried a combination of
but I haven’t been able to put them all together in a way that works just yet.

Not all functionality needs to be in one python component. Can exist across several components. I was thinking of breaking it down into

  • make the named views > pass full name view list on
  • set the position and display mode of the name views from my input list > pass the name view list on
  • figure out if the name view is open in a floating viewport > pass on views that are open and views that are closed
  • open new viewports for the closed views

some pseudo code attached if it help. Thanks in advance