New marine plug-in for Rhino: planingRhino

Developed by Boat Design Lab, planingRhino is a new easy-to-use Rhino plug-in for planing craft resistance prediction.

With planingRhino you can estimate the performance of your new or existing hull design by either reading geometry parameters directly from your 3D model or evaluating a hull from user provided data.

Key features

  • Evaluate hull design up to ten (10) speeds
  • Estimate running trim angle
  • Estimate aerodynamic resistance
  • Estimate bare hull resistance and total resistance
  • Define propulsion efficiency, resistance margin and estimate total required power
  • View graphs (speed vs running trim and speed vs resistance)
  • Export results in .cvs format for further process or reporting

Download planingRhino from food4Rhino…

Posted Jul 28, 2017 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.

Thanks Bob,

 I downloaded this a couple of days ago but haven't started the timer on the demo. Not bad pricing either for what it does. I have Orca3D which does much the same but without the aero drag feature. I'll try and give a review after using this on a pending project.