New Mac air and Mac book 13

Will rhino 6 and wip work on:

Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 for macbook 13

Intel UHD Graphics 617 for mac Air

Thank you

Yes, it will, but not very well, since both machines are lacking a dedicated GPU and spec-wise overall underpowered.

I use a MacBook Pro 13" which doesn’t have a dedicated GPU and it works fine for most of what I do. It depends what you plan to be modelling?

well it keeps crashing on my mac air
Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB
with the wip, and with the v6 it crashes on redering

Despite testing v6 extensively during the beta process. For a variety of reasons we’ve opted to stick with v5 for now:

  • Short of cash
  • Seemed to be a few too many glitches and performance problems with v6
  • V7 is supposedly not that far away
  • lack of upgrade deal which is normally offered when they launch a new version

Saying that, I wasn’t getting that many crashes when rendering. Not sure if it is likely to be GPU related. Depending on which rendering engine you’re using you might be able to get some help from @nathanletwory. He’s really helpful.