New Interface icons

I have noticed the improvements being done on the toolbar icons with every Mac WIP. A big THANK YOU is in order to those involved in cleaning up the icons. I know new icons are a low priority when it comes to bug squashing and crash fixes. The interface and aesthetics are important to the user experience. Happy to see McNeel is making the effort. I am sure it has been a daunting task to come with the icon improvements (Seeing that Rhino has about a thousand tools contained within the app) . I appreciate the simplicity and cleanliness of the new icons. Keep up the good work… your efforts have not gone unnoticed. :+1:


This is great to hear @jason. Next week’s RhinoWIP will have another set of these sorts of fixes…you can blame @marika_almgren, @maxsoder, and @JohnM (among others) for this.

As things tighten up a bit, please call out those spots where things still bother you. You seem to have assessed the situation very accurately regarding how these sorts of tasks get prioritized, but it is really important to us that the interface feels at home on macOS. We might not get to all of them, but let’s try to get those big ones fixed up.


Hi Dan
I’d like to elaborate on something I miss very much in this UI configuration below

Which I feel looks very good, clean and practical what is missing only are indicators for history planner … and so forth.
I don’t miss the big buttons to sheikh them off, use the shortcut key for that. But a small alternative visual indication will make this UI configuration complete.
here’s a couple of points:

  1. While working with a MBP maximum work space is a big plus, and I imagine quite a few of us do.
  2. Other UI elements like layers and Osnaps have several ways through which to make them available,
    so the concept of various accessibility to major UI elements, is already part of the Rhino UI.
  3. there’s plenty of free space to make small indicators [active as button or just indicators] either on the status bar or on the top bar between the layout button and the view buttons
  4. it will look great and very clean and that UI config will have all the most important functions
    as side bar are very convenient to open with the screen edge or hot keys and layers and Osnaps already has all the other ways to access them so the drop downs are not missed [in this UI config.]
  5. Adding an option in the Pref > Theme to add this buttons… they don’t need to be artistically designed, just the names [same as the Layout button] will be perfect.

thanks a lot