New in Rhino WIP 2017-Sep-5

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New in this release:

New Features:

  • SDK: Python: rs.CompareGeometry wish (RH-25085)

Bug Fixes:

  • Block: Modifying a nested block reference incorrectly changes inserts to top level blocks (RH-40996)
  • Cycles:
    • Diffuse alpha does not work correctly in rendered display (RH-40164)
    • Raytraced viewport artifact when scaled to millimeters (RH-40378)
  • Display:
    • Changing solid color backdrop doesn’t affect look of objects even though skylight is enabled. (RH-41084)
    • Dropping lines and appears jagged (RH-40743)
    • Render display mode not showing materials correctly (RH-41005)
  • Grasshopper:
    • ExplicitHistoryDeveloperSettings Dialog causes crashes (RH-36554)
    • ExplicitHistoryDeveloperSettings dialog does not accept directory paths when browsing (RH-36559)
  • Insert: Dialog incorrectly prompts for block filename on command line (RH-40995)
  • No Subsystem:
    • Component profiler display in GH ( RHINO WIP) (RH-40884)
    • :TimerStart() (RH-41120)
    • Rhino crashes hard in the RDK when changing the Render setting for background color (RH-41130)
  • Panels: Add the current location (RH-38606)
  • Properties: Viewport properties flickering (RH-40607)
  • RDK:
    • GUI redraw messed up in material section (RH-39124)
    • GUI redraw messed up in material section (RH-41061)
  • Rendering: Materials: Update library textures (RH-40286)
  • SDK:
    • RunScript has a initial document context - so a document should be passed in. (RH-39533)
    • Update WIP DevDocs for Visual Studio 2017 (RH-38466)
  • TextObject: Bold and Italic hard to cancel in TextObject (RH-40150)
  • UVEditor: Does not display wcs projected textures correctly (RH-35013)

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