New in Rhino WIP 2017-July-18

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New in this release:

New Features:

  • AutoSave: Send autosave files to recycle bin (RH-39905)
  • SDK: Python: New Python function AddRailRevSrf like VbScript (RH-28814)
  • UI Cleanup: Add SelKey / SelValue / SelKeyValue (RH-39481)

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation: Hatch:
    • CRhinoHatch::GetTIghtBoundingBox returns in correct results in skewed views (RH-40345)
    • Fails in closed boundary (RH-40235)
  • Annotation: Text: Do not commit Text with empty strings (RH-40230)
  • COLLADA: Ensure node tag has name attribute (RH-40221)
  • CommandHelp: Default Help panel is blank (RH-40276)
  • Core Architecture: Fix bugs in keeping track of name changes (RH-40343)
  • Display:
    • Black layouts (RH-40304)
    • PointCloud Display with Lasso and Clipping Plane (RH-40059)
    • Procedural wood texture looks incorrect in the viewport (RH-34432)
    • Procedural wood texture looks incorrect in the viewport (RH-40291)
    • Review SHA-1 calculation in ComputeDisplayMaterialHash() - simple array SHA-1 calculation ignores array content (RH-40365)
    • Selected point cloud depth problem (RH-40233)
  • File IO:
    • Add STEP file support to Mac V6 WIP (RH-39647)
    • File -> Export fails with RHINO ERROR, then crashes (RH-39014)
    • Open:PDF: Text wrong (RH-39812)
    • PDF file with text imports incorrectly (RH-40162)
    • PDF: Text wrong (RH-22055)
    • Running Open command in V6 Mac Rhino results in MACFAIL. (RH-38930)
    • STEP Cones don’t import correctly (RH-39939)
    • STEP round trip messes up an edge (RH-39918)
    • Text from PDF messed up (RH-40055)
  • FilletEdge:
    • Allow editing info to save in 3dm files (RH-37599)
    • Goes to wrong side (RH-40277)
  • Grasshopper: NullReferenceException happens in many places (RH-39581)
  • Layer: Show sibling layers (RH-40358)
  • Options: Scriptable Options command doesn’t call .NET OptionsDialogPage.RunScript member (RH-40298)
  • Panels:
    • Panel SDK must provide document access (RH-39799)
    • UI document handling (Panel document context) (RH-39801)
  • Patch: Isn’t watching curve direction and shouldn’t (RH-40243)
  • PluginManager: Add UpdateUrl to PluginInformation (RH-40247)
  • Properties: Move the plus to the top (RH-39692)
  • Rendering: Switch the whole environment (RH-39038)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Materials can’t be created after File>New (RH-40352)
    • Textures unavailable (RH-39955)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping: Custom texture mapping off (RH-39117)
  • SDK: Python:
    • Typo in AddSubCrv help topic (RH-39892)
    • Typo message and title swapped in PropertyListBox (RH-38653)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • RhinoDoc.WriteFile() does not write the file in 6, even if dialog is suppressed (RH-40319)
    • Wrap CRhinoGetPoint::EnableObjectSnapCursors (RH-37464)
  • SetUserText: Need an icon for SelKeyValue (RH-39679)
  • SubD: When Rhino Commercial secretly converts SubD objects to meshes, save the original SubD as userdata (RH-38801)
  • TextObject: TextObject dialog really big (RH-40130)
  • Toolbar:
    • File toolbar - fix SetWorkingDirectory -> SetWorkingFolder (RH-40327)
    • Incorporate “New in V5” buttons into V6 toolbars (RH-38809)
    • Mesh Creation - change MeshTCone to reflect new command name (RH-40357)

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