New Icon for the "flatten function"

The current one is a bit… disturbing? It’s a roadkill, I think it should be something else.

I always thought it looked like a satellite in space. —Mark

dont be overly sensitive :slight_smile:

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Well, @user566 - the command actually used to be called RoadKill, so the icon couldn’t be more fitting… also… it’s funny :joy:

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Almost as good as the “overkill” command in AutoCAD!

I know… It just brings back certain unpleasant memories from my childhood, about cars, and things getting hit by the aforementioned cars, don’t know why. It is a perfectly innocent icon by itself, but still, I, personally, wish it was something else. Not that it needs to be, but I wrote to customer support and they recommended that I should bring it up on this forum, and that’s what I did, as you can see.

Hello- you can substitute any image you like in any icon or just use text.


Not an Acad user - what does Overkill do?
TIA, Jakob

Eliminates duplicate and coincident objects that overlap each other after, for instance, using the AutoCAD equivalent of the Make2D command (flatshot).

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