New Gumball is devastatingly bad. Here are some proposals how to fix it

i am totally with you, i for my part honestly use the numeric values more often as the manual repeat value, so yeah i relate very little to the OP. but it is not a big deal to remember its ability and to deal with it accordingly, at least just not enough to make a rant anyway. entering a value one more time if so happened it really is not a big deal. but whatever… have a good slide into the new year Bobi keep it up :slight_smile:

tab is already used for subd smooth/ box toggle.


For me too this solution was the best. Now it no longer remembers the dragged value. It was useful for certain situations that she was remembered.


Dragged value is ok if it’s not to an “accuracy” of 15 DIGITS! Impossibly small. Can’t think of a good reason for it. Convince me. That’s around the diameter of a proton!

yes please, i also wanted to write that up for quite a while. a quick ± button or similar.

you are too late, the new release already has this handy function eradicated… i think i will not update anymore and keep the old version… :flushed: :man_shrugging:

Yes please! There is an obvious way to do it as well - hold shift when clicking the gumball (which I think is currently unassigned) to make it transform the positive/negative reverse of whatever is in the text box!

You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time…

actually not at all. the sun shines only for half of the world at a time. you can argue that it keeps shining anyway, but the people will not conceive it as such. even Buddha might not have been in bliss all of the time, without dynamics there is no existence, if you dont feel a difference you are most likely dead.

Adding an option to choose which distance to remember for the Gumball would please everyone.

i think it would have to be something like remember manual drag to be included, an option for either might not be a good idea.

Post #69 shows an image with the best possible solution, because it grants the user a full freedom about that option. :slight_smile:

I think that was a given. Didn’t he spent his life trying to find it?

i hope so, i am not a specialist though, but that is something which everybody should be doing, eternal bliss might never be achievable, but never to stop making it better is definitely something worth striving for.