New Gumball is devastatingly bad. Here are some proposals how to fix it

I concur with Rhino_Bulgaria!

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Hello, would be somebody so kind to summerize all new features?

Only typed in values should be remembered, its a PITA now the Gumball recalls a manual random drag :pray:


I would say that values remembered after a manual dragging are also important, but it depends on the workflow and the purpose of usage. For example, I do a lot of manual dragging with Gumball and it’s quite handy to have the last used distance remembered by Rhino. But I can also see why some other people would prefer if Rhino remembered only the manually entered value. As mentioned a few times already, the best way would be if there is a dedicated option for that, so that everyone could choose the desired behaviour for the last used remembered value.


even better. but then complexity of optionability increases which can be sometimes counterproductive

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It’s up to the developers to decide whether they want to implement it. We only give our feedback and suggestions. Rhino already has hundreds of options anyways. :slight_smile: I think that the majority of the user base will benefit from adding one more option for such a vital tool like the Gumball. :slight_smile:

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i can’t easily tell in cases like this if the blue arc or the green arc is in the foreground.


When I need to specifically move or rotate along the desired direction/axis, I simply rotate the view a bit so that the handles would not overlap with each other. Many programs’ gizmos are worse in that regard, because they use semi-transparent sphere which disrupts the visibility to the selected object or sub-object in 100% of the time. Rhino’s Gumball is very minimalistic yet offers a great functionality with move, rotate, scale (1D, 2D, 3D) and extrude (in single of both directions) all at the same time. Even relocating the Gumball, as well as the Gumball options accessible through the white dot are there. I can’t think of any other CAD program that could complete with that.

Here is my proposal how to solve the thing about remembering the last used value. Since some users like that Gumball remembers the last distance after a manual dragging, while others prefer Gumball to remember only the numerical value, why don’t give the users a simple option to choose which one to use, or both simultaneously (in this case Rhino uses whichever value is last)? :slight_smile:


I also have another proposal that will enhance the workflow with Gumball. If “Smooth dragging” is active, holding down the TAB key while one of the XYZ arrows of Gumball is held and moved should temporarily switch to snappy dragging mode. Once the TAB key is released, the dragging mode switches to smooth again. :slight_smile:

Nice addition but it should be ALT key and not tab.
ALT is already working with snappy dragging to toggle the snap.

The Alt key will actually make a copy of the moved/rotated object if you lightly press it, and that could lead to accidental switch to snappy dragging instead of copying an object depending on the timing. The Tab key, on the other hand, is not used while dragging, this is why it’s a much more reliable option. Also, Tab is used as a modifier key for multiple other tools, so it’s natural to assign it as a modifier for the snappy Gumball as well.

You’re right but the ALT key was the snap toggle since the beginning (and before the gumball)

Of course having 3 different behavior for the same button could leads to mistake, that’s true.

That’s true, but the fact that the Alt key is already assigned as a “copy” toggle for the Gumball specifically makes it a bit tricky to use for snapping, as well. As long as the developers add such a quick toggle between “Smooth dragging” and “Snappy dragging”, I would be happy to have it on either key, no matter if it’s Tab or Alt. It just needs to exist.

RH-65698 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 14

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Now that’s devastatingly bad…


I still think that having the option to choose between “manually dragging” and “numerical input” as the remembered value is the best way to go. They both have their own strength.


you actually do and i honestly think its best as it is now actually. it will never delete the last value by itself. if you have to drag an object manually be aware that it overrides the last value and if you so urged to move it manually then for crying out loud just enter the numeric value again, it is not that you are juggling between numeric and manual at each single step.

but ok ok, if you so much hate the manual repeat as @gustojunk , then why not having a check box - remember manual drag

I like both ways of remembering the last used value, but as you can see some other people prefer either the value remembered after a manual dragging with Gumball (which is a tool with handles specifically designed for manual dragging) or the one remembered after typing an exact number in the box (the “Move” tool is designed especially for that purpose). :slight_smile: This is why I think that everyone will be happy if there is an option to choose which method to use.