New Grid settings in V5

Hi there
The Grid settings have changed in v5, now it seems I cant get a constrained grid of 100 millimiters unless my spacing is 1 mil if I change my secondary or primary spacing the Grid changes, I understand why but could we have an option to have a fix grid and change the spacing to whaterver we want without haeîng the size of the grid change?


Hi Jennifer- I agree it is not necessarily the most obvious or convenient way to set the grid up. I’ll see what we can do in V6. I am not sure why that was changed in V5 now that you mention it.


Thanks Pascal! :smile:

Hi Jennifer,

I found this technique for maintaining a fixed 100mm grid despite minor grid line spacing. I’m not saying it should be the way it is mind you and I’ll let Pascal look into why… but,

If you change the grid line count to make it and the product of your custom minor grid line spacing equal 50, you’ll always have a grid 100mm across. For instance:

minor grid spacing = 2 / grid line count = 25
minor grid spacing = 2.5 / grid line count = 20
minor grid spacing = 5 / grid line count = 10

Does that help?

Yes it helps…thanks
but ils a pain when you have à background image… You have to do the math…:slight_smile:

And add a dynamic grid too.
It is about time that we can have the grid all over the document and not only very close to the origin.

And with dynamic I also mean that when we zoom in/out the denser grids fade in and out.
So it is possible to work in mm, cm, dm, m etc. Same for the gridsnap.