New grasshopper reference breaking all my code - 4.8 .NET framework

Im having build errors just today after installing to latest rhino update. I believe it is because new grasshopper build is targeting the 4.8 framework and my version of VS is only offering .NET frame works up to 4.7.2. Any thoughts? How do i get the 4.8 .NET frame work from VS?

In VS2019, go to the main menu ToolsGet Tools and Features:


This will open the installer. Select Modify:

Select (to the right) .NET desktop development, and in the list below, select .NET Framework 4.8 …

// Rolf

You should have posted on the same topic in the same thread.

// Rolf

thanks, the messaging on the forum is acting weird for me. The option i did was to select “other frame works” in the build drop down and then that took me directly to a MS web page to download. Your suggestion is more thorough, thanks for replying.