New Grasshopper apps on food4Rhino

Developers added several new apps for Grasshopper on food4Rhino these last two weeks. Here are some of them:

Pterodactyl - Open-source plug-in to generate custom documents, reports, articles, etc. that can be updated in real time.

Ground Coverage Ratio - A simple tool that calculates the ground coverage ratio of a given ground surface and buildings.

SkyCiv - Grasshopper Link - Transfer your structural models from Grasshopper into SkyCiv - allowing you to complete your structural analysis, design, and optimization.

DefaultPanel - A quick and dirty workflow to keep default values in your definitions.

SkyView factor - Computes an estimation of the sky view factor on each pixel on a ground surface.

OctaTree - OctaTree voxelization algorithms to 1x1 cells, based on octree principle.

Hermit Crab - Spatial analytics for social distancing.

Chop-Chop - One-click disconnect the wire of GH component.

See the latest apps for Grasshopper on food4Rhino…

Posted Jun 02, 2020 by Cécile Lamborot on Rhino News, etc.