New future Rhino 6: editing/removal fillet edge

I read on the internet that one of these futures in Rhino 6 will be the ability to edit and cancel the fillet edge, if I’m not mistaken.
I ask: “But if the geometry of an object is changed or distorted, you can always edit the fillet?”

Thanks to my curiosity, if possible.

Hi davide76,

I guess we will have to wait

about a week *

as that is the reported estimate before V6 beta will get public.

*Note that about a week is an undefined time-span.

I personally have no idea how well fillet edits will handle distorted and changed geometry. It all comes down to how this feature is implemented and I guess it will be a feature that needs a lot of fine tuning in the beta cycle(s).




Maybe I asked too much from Rhino … What I wonder is certainly relevant to other more complex software, such as CATIA or UGS NX.
Thanks Pascal.