New food4Rhino webinars (May 2021): Monoceros and Point Clouds for Rhino

We are happy to announce new food4Rhino webinars in May 2021:

May 19 - 16:00h CEST

Monoceros – A Discrete Assembly Toolkit for Architects and Designers

Monoceros is a plugin for Rhino / Grasshopper created at Subdigital for computational design using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm. It is used for optimally occupying an envelope with discrete modules, where the spatial relationship between those modules can be constrained by a set of user-defined rules. Using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm provides an innovative and fast solution to the emerging architectural problem of discrete aggregation for purposes of design, architecture, and urban planning.

The webinar will introduce the plugin available for free at food4Rhino and demonstrate the possibilities of advanced discrete assembly.

May 20 - 16:00h CEST Point Clouds for Rhino

3D scans hold a wealth of data and opportunity for Rhino users–if only they could easily make use of massive point cloud files in their design workflows.

Join us to discover how Veesus is helping Rhino users in a range of industries work effortlessly with point cloud data. We’ll discuss some of the common challenges faced by designers when working with 3D scan data–and we’ll see a demo of the Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino plugin, which enables Rhino users to edit and manipulate point clouds of any size natively. Also, a brief look into future technologies that can help with point cloud sharing and collaboration.

Click on the webinars’ links to add them to your calendar and watch on YouTube live…

Posted May 10, 2021 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.