New Flamingo NXT update 5.05

We have just released a new build of Flamingo nXt 5.05 (6/29/2016). This build should automatically update on existing Flamingo NXT 5 installations.

This new build includes many big improvements:

  1. The sun controls are synced with the Rhino sun position use either control.
  2. Along with the install of Rhino 5 SR13 (recommended), we are able to have a much greater stability on large files. All objects in large models will completely render.
  3. Batch rendering and farm respect both the number of passes and resolution.
  4. Legacy models and materials translate much better.
  5. Procedural material scale correctly.
  6. Decals translate from previous models in many more cases.
  7. Flamingo is more tolerant of 0 face meshes.
  8. Improved language translations.
  9. Worksession objects now render.
  10. Point light interface improvements.
  11. Decals can now be placed on transparent objects
  12. Many stability fixes.
  13. Saving Alpha background more accurate
  14. Thumbnail preview shell extension self registers
  15. Flamingo Automate Render now works.

Flamingo will automatically update to the 6/28/2016 build when run. To manually check your version, go to the Flamingo nXt 5.0 pulldown > Help > Check for Updates.

Unfortunately I always miss the updates - because my system tells me that the newest version is installed (an it believes it too :wink:

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I have the same problem, and the groundcover still does not work.:tired_face:

Can you get the latest nxt 5 update if you check for updates manually in the nxt 5 menu>help>check for updates? Then click check now and you should be able to download and run the update directly from the open dialog.

Plants are working here in the latest update. Can you start a new topic with a file where they aren’t rendering or email with it?

I have already started new topic: Do you know how to use Flamingo groundcover?

The groundcovers are similar to plants. They can be made and edited with the plant editor, but their file extension is different. Normal plants have extension “filename.ArPlant”. The groundcovers have extension “filename.ArGroundcover”. You can make any groundcover by starting the plant editor, then clicking File, New, Groundcover in the menu as shown in the following screenshot. The problem is that you cannot use it because Flamingo cannot recognize groundcover file format.
(by the way… I love your videos… maybe you should make a video about best commands for making different kinds of surfaces?)

It did not work for me.

Can you download and install from here?

Yes. I did it two days ago.

I installed Flamigo nXT5. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t know any command. See screen capture below.

Are you using Rhino 5 SR13? You can get it here… if not.

Good news: groundcovers work now - I just rendered the following image. The bad news is that sometimes Flamingo crashes and uninstalls itself. I have to install Flamingo about once a week.

The latest version of Flamingo is dated 2016-12-26, but the latest version of Flamingo on the Rhino website ( is dated 2016-06-27.