New feature request - separate control point for block attribute

Some 30 years ago I was making a few maps every week using AutoCAD. These maps had labelled targets describing monitoring wells, soil borings, and other important features. Each of these targets was simple block with one attribute. AutoCAD attributes are very useful for this purpose because they can be moved independently of the targets. This feature is very useful when lots of the targets are confined into small area.

The following (fake) map illustrates this feature - four monitoring wells (called MW-1, MW-2, MW-3, and MW-4) are so close together, that there is no room for some labels/attributes. AutoCAD users do not have a problem because block attributes can be moved independently of the targets. Rhino users have the problem - they can make MW-1 block instance (and maybe MW-4), but they cannot made the rest unless they make separate block definitions for these monitoring wells. If they have to make separate block definitions, they have no reason to use the attributes.

The obvious solution is making additional/separate control point for block attribute - this is how AutoCAD attributes are designed.