New feature: Managing ownership of packages

If you’ve downloaded the Rhino 7 WIP recently then you might have noticed a new CLI command: owner.

The ‘owner’ command can be used to add, remove and list owners of a package that you own. Adding owners is useful if you collaborate with others on a package and want to give them the ability to publish new versions.

Say you were the owner of the “ghgl” package. To add another owner to your package, try this…

yak owner add ghgl

If the user “marley​” isn’t yet registered on the package server, ask them to login. A recent version of Rhino 7 WIP is required so that the yak login command registers the user and their email address on the package server.

To remove an owner…

yak owner remove ghgl

To see who is currently an owner…

yak owner list ghgl

The commands above are described if you run yak help owner, or you can check the docs.

:warning: Owners are all created equally; Any owners that you add will be able to manage your package in exactly the same way as you can now.

The Yak command line tool is included with Rhino 7 WIP. On Windows the tool is located at C:\Program Files\Rhino 7 WIP\System\yak.exe . On macOS there is a convenience script at /Applications/ . Replace yak in the examples above with the path to the the tool on your platform.