New edge and bad-object created after Edgefillet in Rhino 6

Can anyone explain why a new Edge is created as I Edgefillet (.02) sharp edges halfway and "bad-object warning appears? I’m still learning, but I have tried to pay attention to Seam placement on the rail and cross-section in this one rail sweep. Haven’t tried to convert to Rhino 5 file yet, but I don’t remember having this kind of problem in Rhino 5. Thank you!

Filesfor web.3dm (11.1 MB)
to big to upload at one time. Just want add that Edge-fillet works until around half way round the ring.

Hello - I can’t tell what you mean… is there a particular set of edges that fails?


I could not upload the failed file, to big. I always fillet sharp edges because of porosity in casting. I used Edgefillet .02 on the drilled holes. The file already has a few of the drill holes filleted going top-left from the front view. If you continue filleting clockwise the file fails. I’m thinking it has something to do with putting the rail seam on top? Thanks for looking into this. Yesterday, before the latest update to Rhino 6 it failed a little differently.

Hello - that is what I thought you meant initially but it just works here as I go round,… I do have a later version installed at the moment than is out in the world, but I don’t think FIlletEdge has been changed in the past week or so.

In any case, making one hole with fillets and ArrayPolar is maybe a quick way to do this.


Thanks Pascal. Did you try filleting the top hole edges .02 ? That failed on a friends computer as well, so I’m ruling out my install of Rhino 6 being the culprit. It works until you fillet more then half way round

Yep, the top one works here… however I now see that the base surface gets split up in a weird way… that is what you were initially asking about and I did not see it until now - I think we’re on the same page now - thanks, I’ll look into it.

So, yes, I’d say the weird edge thing is related to the seam in the ring there… anyway it is easily reproduced, the developer should be able to fix it… Hm - it also works cleanly if the file tolerance is set to .0001. There are a couple of edges that are just on the file tolerance of .001 (What command > Edge tolerance report) so that may come into play.


Thanks …I have “Bad Objects” on all the time, so it came up right away on the updated Rhino 6. On one version of Rhino before this latest update it came up as naked edges on one quarter of the fillet edges. The “Bad Object” warning only came up when I tried to trim the bad half and mirror-join the good half.