New download requires deleting plist, again!

The previous download from a few days ago didn’t work because my plist was “bad”. When I eliminated it, all my aliases and setting disappeared. Today’s download did the same. Any clue what might be happening? Also, I have not had a response to the pesky grey box that pops up whenever I type in a command. I can’t find a way to get rid of it and go back to the field at the bottom of the screen for typing in commands.

not sure about the bad plist thing… what’s happening when you try to launch rhino prior to deleting the plist?

as far as the pesky grey box, i suppose you’re wanting the command line showing at all times?
go Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Legacy:
tick the box ‘Use text field for command line & options’

Walter , I’ve had this happen a couple of times recently when opening the download and installing the new version ‘over’ the old version, although it said something like “can’t complete operation as plist is in use”. Ignoring the warning and then repeating the operation has let me successfully install Rhino each time it’s happened and all my preferences etc have been retained.

Bryan, Jeff, or Steve,

Your response had all these names attached. Thanks. The window that appeared when trying to open the new version was “can’t complete operation as plist is in use”, but I literally could not open Rhino. I had to delete the plist in preferences. Then I have to download my aliases, reset Legacy, etc. I hope this won’t be part of each update. It could be that I am using a 2007 Macbook.

Changing to Legacy worked. One reason the “pesky grey box” was annoying is that it usually put itself in the way of an line that I was creating and it blocked my ability to make the line. It required another step of moving the box. The command line at the bottom is never in my way and it is not a visual nuisance.

are you quitting rhino prior to installing a new update?

fwiw, you can move that box and it will remember its position the next time you use a command