New display options in Advanced should move

The current V8 WI{P has at least two new options for display which are currently in Options > Rhino Options > Advanced. This location makes them more difficult to discover or find if you know they exist. These options should be moved to Options > Rhino Options > General or Options > Rhino Options > View which are the more natural places to look for them and allow less cryptic descriptions.

Rhino.Options.ShowIsocurvesForFlatBrepFaces if False inhibits display of isocurves on flat surfaces and faces. Default in V8 WIP is currently False. A better description such as “Display isocurves on flat faces and surfaces” should be used.

Rhino.Options.General.SilhouetteLighting highlights the silhouette of selected objects if True. Default in V8 WIP is currently True. A better description such as “Highlight silhouette of highlighted objects” should be used.

Are there other new display options?

I’m sure the most important stuff will get a discreet setting in Options as well, once the UI has settled down a bit more.