New Discourse Features

@bobmcneel, @brian, @scottd, @dan, @andy, @dalelear (… pretty much everyone else…)

Here’s some new features of discourse that I just found out about:

The polling feature is on by default and the tagging feature is currently off. These are just the defaults that the guys at discourse set up. Do we want to turn polling off or tags on? Any thoughts?

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my 2c:
never encountered a poll so no need to disable.

Tagging imo is most welcome indeed as a “softer” means of categorization.
Eg For scripting and development language and platform can be tagged.
For rendering the engine/plugin
For Rhino main it could even mean Mac and Windows can be partially merged for non platform specific topics like “how to model this” yet with a pointer to the platform used.


Hmm… @sam I tried turning the tagging feature on, but it doesn’t appear to be sticking. When I reload the settings page the ‘enable tagging plugin’ checkbox is unchecked.

apologies, should be sorted now.