New Computer Specs

Hello guys, I recently built a pc for a friend who uses Rhino to run Matrix. The specs are as follows

i7 5820K
Geforce GTX 970 4GB
32 GB DDR4
256GB Sandisk SSD

I really don’t know much about Rhino, or Matrix, but I’ve built plenty of computers in the past, for CAD and Gaming use.
I went by the Rhino recommended specs, which this setup surpasses in every aspect. I usally like to stress out a pc to see how far it can be pushed, so I told my friend to use Matrix to do an intense task. I believe he set 1000 stones into the project, and this caused the program to stop responding. We waited a few minutes and nothing. Meanwhile, I was able to open up Firefox, watch a Youtube, download and install a small program, all without any lag. I checked the task manager and the memory was at 3GB (out of 32GB) and the cpu at 10%… So I’m assuming the video card is the bottleneck. I’m thinking the video card drivers, or maybe settings that need to be changed within Rhino/Matrix… I’ve optimized setting in other programs ( After Effects/ Premiere) to use the Video card and the changes have been night and day. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction, thanks!

Are you using the 64 bit version of rhino? The memory max of 3gb seems to suggest you are running into the 32bit memory limit.

Video cards are only for dynamic display. Sounds like what you are doing is CPU intensive and probably the operation in Matrix/Rhino is only single threaded, so it will basically only use one core. Which means you just have to wait, or try to do the operation in smaller chunks.


Thanks for the reply. They are running Rhino 4 and I used and older installer DVDs. A quick Google search tells me there is no 64 bit Rhino 4 version? I checked and Rhino installs under “Program Files (X86)” directory, so yeah, 32bit.

Thanks for the reply… Well, I did check the device manager and the cpu didn’t go above 10% use. I was also able to use the computer normally, no lag whatsoever… Only Rhino seems stuck. Today a friend tried creating a new Matrix project, which consists of a Ring, and he set 60 stones around it… The program ran susper smoot, but when he duplicated the ring into 6, that’s when the PC froze. I really can’t believe a computer with these specs will freeze up doing something like that… I will try a trial of Rhino 5 64, and Matrix 64, to see if it helps. Will update.

That is correct. That also explains the 3Gb memory limit you’re seeing. The 64 bit version will help with the memory issue and if that is what is hanging the operation, you will be fine. OTOH, on calculation intensive operations, even Rhino V5 is still mostly single-threaded, so you may still have to wait.


Awesome, will post results tomorrow. Thanks!

Works great guys. :sunglasses: