New components available in the Daily built! 💥

From now on, if you download the daily built you’ll find these new components. All of them are placed in the also new Annotation tab.

These components work in a similar way, with the View and geometry needed to generate them.

As with the Revit UI, it is not possible to generate annotation elements in all views (e.g. these elements cannot be incorporated in 3D views).

It is important to note that the geometry has to be in a plane parallel to the view.

  • Add Detail Line
    Inputs. View, Curve (should be opened)
    Output. Detail Line

Example :point_down:t2:

  • Add Region
    Inputs. View, Curve (should be closed), Filled region type
    Output. Region

Unfortunately, there is no way of creating masking regions through the Revit API

Example :point_down:t2:

  • Add Text
    Inputs. View, Point to insert, Text, Text type
    Output. Text

Example :point_down:t2:


This is awesome!!

@pedrocortes for the filled regions, does it support multiple boundaries per region, i…e doughnut shapes?


For sure, the component support selecting several boundaries as input. The component just launches an error when these boundaries are intersecting between them.

If one boundary is completely inside a bigger one, Revit will “mask” the interior one like in a doughnut.

@pedrocortes Something doesn’t seem right here. The daily build doesn’t seem to be updating as it has an older version than the public release.

Hi Paul, Here’s a link to 1.8.8. daily build

I’m not seeing anything that would cause this on the repo, there was a developer request for an old build that this might have something to do with. The link should get you back on track.

Hi @parametricmonkey1
Same here, I’ve checked again and the Daily Built marks v.1.8.81


I can see it now, but it wasn’t there yesterday. Not sure why.

Was our fault. :pray:

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