New Category for Feature Suggestion?

There are so many posts in regards to feature suggestions floating around in each category because there is a great space for new features and improvements based on user experiences on this forum. Many of these suggestions are helpful for future Rhino and, especially, future Grasshopper updates.

People are not sure if their posts are seemed by the developer team. And, personally, I cannot find a centralized place to provide feedback and suggestions. So it would be nice if there is a separate category/page or a link on the main page where people can submit feature suggestion, for example, a really useful object that Grasshopper is currently missing. And each suggestion/improvement can have a tag indicating which software it is associated with.

It will be like a ‘Site Feedback’ but instead ‘Software Feedback’, and people can probably even vote up or vote down if they find the feature helpful

The Serengeti category is correct for all feature suggestions. There are also various subcategories to target your request more closely…

Thanks for the reply. You’re right, even though the name is really confusing.
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