New additions to V6

I’m thinking of two small additions:

  1. The ability to group objects after array
  2. Add a new check box in MatchProperties allowing also for matching object display mode.
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Hi Piotr - I guess you mean add grouping as a command line option in the array commands, correct? For now, running

SelLast Group

after Array might help a little, if you are not doing that already, but the fly in the ointment may be the setting in -SelLast - you’ll want to make sure DeselectOthersBeforeSelect=No.


Hi Pascal
It is exactly what I meant. I do as you described but it is always few clicks more :slightly_smiling:
What about the No.2?

Well, I had no questions or suggestions about that but, while I’m here, I take it that the object display mode matching would have to include the affected viewport info - is that what you have in mind? The other popssibility would be to affect the currently active viewport. It could get confusing…


When I change the display properties for the object it affects all viewports as well as all viewport modes. It was what I expected. Assigned transparency will appear transparent in wireframe, rendered or pen modes.
Combining these, can produce really nice results. It is something worth promoting. I haven’t seen many works using this options.

Transparent, rendered, shaded and artistic modes in one image.
As in the case No.1 - it is few clicks less.
It is not a big deal and something to fight for. I always find my way to achieve the desired results quickly.


Hi Piotr- maybe I am misunderstanding, but SetObjectDisplayMode acts on objects in the current viewport, not all viewports - that is the context of my question.


Yes, you’re right.
90% of time I use perspective view, 9% of time top view,
I didn’t even notice it applies to one viewport only. Move my request then to the bin.

Hi Piotr - another way might be to have the matching done in SetObjectDisplayMode, that way, there is no ambiguity about what the current viewport is - whatever mode you’d select to set would be applied to the selected objects in the current vierwport but the source object could be picked in any viewport where it has the mode that you want… I have no idea if that is practical to implement or not…


Hi @Piotr, Pascal,

We deal with this all the time. Made some tools to make life easier with per-object display mode operations. See attached - when you install the plugin, you will get 3 commands:

  • DIG_MatchVPortsObjectDisplayModes - match per-object disp. modes between one or multiple vports, with more options
  • DIG_SelectByObjectsDisplayMode - lets you select objects by their display mode in current vport (pick source object(s) or from display mode list
  • DIG_MatchObjectDisplayModes -disp. mode matching.

Hope that helps.


DIG_DispMode_Tools.rhp (33 KB)


Hi Jarek
Thanks a lot! It’s even more I have wished before.