Never repeat (all) cplane-commands

hi all,
want to add all cPlane commands to the “never repeat these commands”-list of the rhino options.
so i put “CPlane” to the list.
infortunately it does not work for the “Set CPlane by 3 Points”-command.
when running the comand the command line reports:

even if i paste this to the “never repeat these commands”-list, it wont work.
is this for the apostrophe at the start?
any ideas?

greetings roberto

Hi Roberto- here, just


for the ‘Do not repeat’ entry seems to do what you ask.


hi pascal,
i have a strange behaviour here:
i put “_CPlane” to the list.
if i call the “Set CPlane by 3 Points”-command from the rhino-button the no-repeat works, if i call the same command from a keyboard alias (c3), it does not.
both, the button and the shortcut use the exact same macro (’_CPlane _3Point)

am i missing something?
is this intentional or a bug?

greetings roberto