Networkx 1.8.1 on Rhino 5


Dear Friends,
Now I am trying to use network 1.8.1 with rhino python, but I keep having an error massage:

Message: The method or operation is not implemented.

line 23, in copyfunc, “C:\Users\noclew\Desktop\test\networkx\algorithms\isomorphism\

I just cannot figure out how to solve this. Does anyone knows how to deal with this issue?


Hi @annwares,

I’ve tried versions 1.7 and 1.8, I have not been able to make them work with Rhino. Try using the networkx 1.6.



Dear miguel,

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried 1.6, but still have the same error.
Did it work on your side?


Can you post your code? I might have some time this afternoon to test it out.


I’ve found that 1.2 version is compatible with #Ironpython 2.6, anyone knows which version is running Rhino?

cc/ @piac

(Willem Derks) #6
import sys
print (sys.version) 


2.7.0 ()



So perhaps, here we have the problem…

More info and possible fix here:!topic/networkx-discuss/_fgHTJRb7yQ