NetworkSrf will accomodate near misses of

reading that NetworkSrf will allow for near misses and do a best fit, very good news is that, what is wrong with this for it not to work ?
NetworkSrf challenge2.3dm (36.2 KB)

They are traces from photos of an amorphous shape, just hoping I can with these profiles easily recreate it.


Hi Steve - You need curves in two directions - these must be arranged as a grid.

From Help:

“All curves in one direction must cross all curves in the other direction and cannot cross each other.”

You have curves in, well, three directions. Here’s an arrangement in two directions - blue is one, the others in the other direction. However I would not expect much from these curves,…



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It always helps with “organic” shapes that often require a specific patch layout if you could attach some photos so one can decompose the shape, before trying to figure out a patch layout, before then starting to discuss curves…

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