NetworkSrf lacks ChainEdges - why?

The command NetworkSrf seems to lack the option “ChainEdges”. I understand that the command name “Network” relates to curves but, the command accepts Surface edges as input, and in the dialog - defining curvature continuity against surfaces at the edges - so then, why doesn’t NetworkCrv have the ChainEdges option?

I really really really want that, all the time but. is there a re good reason for why ChainEdges is not implemented?

I also read the thread “Using surface edges in NetworkSrf” but that only raised more questions. For example, why avoiding NetworkSrf?

// Rolf

Avoiding NetworkSrf can be a good practice, when you are learning to model with Nurbs. NetworkSrf can be used to quickly generate a shape even with sloppy or bad starting geometry. So, if you are not starting with ‘clean/good’ geometry, you might still get away using NetworkSrf. But, if you are a new user, you might delay learning to create clean starting geometry. And, you might end up creating unnecessarily heavy geometry. In projects (depending on the goal), bad starting geometry can cause bottlenecks and errors further in the project.

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Thank you for your reply raja. What you say makes sense to me. Especially since I’m as a newbie are “learning habits”. Now I know better why I should look for alternatives, while still having NetworkSrf as a “last resort”.

But there’s more to NetworkSrf than only using it for the final surface. For example it can be used as a (quick) construction tool for extraction of isocurves, which can be adjusted and used as construction curves for the other tools. And that’s also mainly how I have used it so far.

But problem is thatNetworkSrf isn’t very quick to use for such workflows if I can’t use it for constructions purposes in complex areas among existing adjacent surfaces which typically consists of separate “perfect” surface patchworks (made by classier tools).

So, if NetworkSrf can’t chain multiple edges, then the “construction surfaces” will attach only to edge curves, which will not allow specifying curvature to the surface edges made by the NetworkSrf, and so the quality of the ground work is lowered.

So I still think NetworkSrf can be useful in the regular workflow, but it would speed up work significantly if it supported ChainEdges, and then it would also not hamper making and splitting adjacent surfaces just as much as the best tools would require in order to achieve perfect surfaces.

// Rolf

Yep- I think @Mikko looked at this a long time ago and concluded that edge chaining in NetworkSrf could not also provide continuity beyond position. If I remember correctly.