Networks Srf, it's a bug?

Do you think the behavior of the “Networks srf” command is correct to generate this surface? is a bug?

If you want to have geometry that conforms to your curves, you need 3 surfaces there.
I would use Loft there.

Not a bug. NetworkSrf rebuilds the input curves so that the curves in each direction have the same number of control points and is smooth.

David, the curves are those, and they are correct. The command should work because, if you think, MOI can create a correct surface with the same curves. There are no excuses!

You want NetworkSrf to do something it was not designed or intended to do. I could use the capability which MOI has but that would be a different tool than Rhino’s NetworkSrf.

I think MOI’s surface is not good. It splits into two surfaces the left part, that seems to be planar.