Network Surface Note Complete

This is a part I have discussed here before. I had to make some small adjustments with this bizarre result.

Problem12.3dm (98.2 KB)

If I try to use make a networksrf using all the curves shown (or even just a few of them), the resulting surface does not cover the curves, ending at one of the cyan curves.

How would one correct?

Hi Jim- the curves do not intersect at one end:


I suspected something like that but:

  1. I have been unable to zoom close enough to visually see a discrepancy. I have been using Zoom Target to get closer but I have never been able to zoom close enough to see mismatches. As I move closer and closer, at some point (before I can see this) Zoom Target gives me a blank screen.

  2. I have the display precision set to the highest value (7 zeros). However, on the object panel I am only getting 4 decimal digits displayed for the start and end points and 5 for the length.

So I am wondering how I can get the precision required?

Hi Jim - once you Zoom in really close, change the projection to parallel- Perspective can’t handle super close in. But, to locate the problem, use Intersect on pairs of curves and see where the results do and do not turn up.

Also, @bigjimslade, your file tolerances are very tight - .0001 should be plenty, and it allows the network to complete as-is.