Network surface is failing in rhino 6

Hello, I have been trying to model this glue gun’s outer shell. But for some reason, the NetorkSrf command fails for the top half of the model. It shows the error of unable to sort curves, select one at a time.

I have checked that all my curves touch each other at a point.
Please help me solve this issue.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Glue_gun_copy.3dm (215.3 KB)

Hello - NetworkSrf would not be my first choice here but if you want to use that command you need curves that resolve into a grid in two directions. Here the horizontal curves will ‘work’ but the more vertical ones at each end need to be joined into single curves.



Hello, pascal Thanks for the suggestion. It worked for now but the surface doesn’t fit perfectly in the curves. what else would you suggest would work better in this case though?

Hello - it depends on what the goal is - if it is a design, then I would want to start with much more information about the design and before modeling; if you are copying an existing object for rendering purposes, it probably makes more sense to use SubD surfaces, if you are trying to learn how to make a clean surface model and are using this as a learning tool, then I would step waaay back and analyze the design for basic underlying shapes and secondary transition shapes and build it methodically from these. NetworkSrf is a very useful tool in the right circumstances but you cannot ask it to build your entire model.


Hello Pascal, It’s not any design I created but I am just modelling a glue gun kept on my desk to learn surfacing in Rhino and render it out. I am quite new to surface design in rhino so I am doing this as practice.

Thanks for the advice though, I will try to break down the model into more basic shapes and try out SubD surfaces.


Yep - this is a good way to learn but make sure you do the hard part if you want to get it right -