Network Surface Component - Runtime Error

Hi everyone,

I am pretty novice at grasshopper and have got some way to achieving these surfaces around a body scan. However, I have got to a certain point with this file where things are not working/ stopped working…
The network surface in the attached pic shows up in my rhino model but says there is an error. I cannot seem to trace it and not sure what to do. I am keen to learn how to evaluate these problems for future but just not really sure what I am looking for…
Hoping someone can help.

I am essentially looking to create multiple surfaces through curves that all have a relationship to one another (if the geometry is moved on one it effects all)

Thanks so much

I don’t know if the way I have arranged it in the workspace has any effect on the model? I tried to organize it in a way that made sense to the design (for me to try to read) but perhaps this has messed it up?

I have attached Grasshopper and rhino file for reference. Grasshopper Trial Sleeve_Algo_Iteration (61.7 KB) Grasshopper Trial_ Sleeve_5_TEST.3dm (13.6 MB)