Network Rendering

Hi Andy. I believe you commented recently that network rendering could become a possibility in Brazil’s future. Any further news on this? I’m working in a room full of computers which i would like to make use of. I hope something can be done on this issue, and not push it off until Brazil 3 (or whatever it becomes)…


We’re working on it - on several different fronts. We hope to have something to play with soon.

Great! :slight_smile:

Any news on this?

I’ve got 12 cores & 48gb of RAM that that’s dragged to it’s knees with a rendering. Everything I touch on the computer just freezes for a half minute. I’m afraid to touch anything. It seems that the 64 bit dream just insures that every resource gets dragged into the render engine.

So, 10 feet away is an identical machine sitting idle while the designer is traveling. It sure would be nice to be able to render remotely to one or more machines.