Network Licence not working properly

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Do you think is it possible to setup a meeting so I can remotely connect to your computer and try to discover what is happening?




Hi @enric yes, it is definitely possible. I’d prefer to arrange it when our in house IT expert is present (normally tuesdays). How should we do that?

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First we need to see what timeframe is OK for both of us. Where are you from? I’m working from Barcelona.



we are in brussels, so same timeframe (UTC+2 in summer)

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We can setup a meeting for tomorrow 27th or Friday 28th. Are your IT guys going to be in the office these days?



nope. but we can do it anyway. I have some admin rights. But maybe we should see after tomorrow (the 27th), as I updated to the latest version to see if the problem solves itself

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Next week I’ll be out of the office until Wednesday, so if you still have issues with the network license (there are some changes in how VisualARQ 2.1 manages network licenses) we can setup the meeting for Wednesday afternoon.



@enric I also have a complicated week next one. We did the upgrade and it seems to work so far. I will let you know if the problem comes back

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Do you still have this issue?



No, this is now gone. thank you


Sorry @enric but we are again with the same problem. Same exact issue. the only difference is that there is a pop-up appearing now, but trying to reconnect to the zoo-server doesnt help. the only way is again to re-licence visualarq


We have been experiencing the same kind of problems.
It is ironic that people with cracked software are safe from these stupid license enforcement issues.
As far as I can remember, the Zoo has always been a pain in the neck, and I wonder what’s waiting for us with the new Cloud Zoo.
Enriq, Francesc, is VisualArq compatible with this new system ?

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If this issue is back again, something must be changed recently on your computer (where Rhino and VisualARQ are installed) or on your server.

Do you know if anything of these options have occurred?

  • You installed a new version of Rhino 6
  • You installed a new version of VisualARQ
  • Your Windows has been updated
  • You installed any other third-party plug-in

Not released licenses is a known problem on Zoo when Rhino crashes or network connection is not available when Rhino is closed. The only way to recover theses unreleased licenses is to open Zoo Admin and manually recover them.

How many VisualARQ licenses have you added in Zoo?
And how many Rhino licenses?
How many client computers are connecting to the same Zoo Server?

Usually, companies have far more Rhino licenses than VisualARQ licenses, so it’s easy to run out of released VisualARQ licenses before running out of Rhino licenses, but from what I have been testing, the problem is exactly the same for Rhino licenses.

Until now, we had plans to add support for Cloud Zoo in VisualARQ 3, as we don’t want to change anything on our license system in VisualARQ 2.

But, since almost all issues that users are having with Zoo and VisualARQ are bugs, problems or just limitations on how Zoo works for third-party plug-ins, and AFAIK there is nothing we can do on our end, I think we’re going to drop Zoo support, and implement our custom floating / cloud license system for VisualARQ 3.

First I’ll try to ask McNeel if they can fix Zoo for us in Rhino 6. But Rhino 5 is not going to change…




Hi @enric. I guess I need to explain how we work.
We have a fairly complex environment where it is very hard to track and follow-up on changes over time. We handle approximately 60 computers (all somehow different), 2 server, a renderfarm and a number of virtual machine to run distributed licensing.
Small changes and re-configurations happens all the time, server side or client side. Our IT deals with the day-to-day handling of the infrastructure, including computers. Me and a few others have administrative rights mostly used to handle specific software issues, as we cannot make our IT expert of all softwares.
Concerning Rhino, I believe we have approximately 20/25 users (all machine have it installed tho), with an intermittent acces to the licences. For visualarq, we have just 2 licences and 3 computers configured with it. At the moment I think I am the only one using it but trying to make it productive and attract more useres (our main bim software is Archicad).
This long premise is to explain that honestly I am not aware if there were major changes in this specific machine I am using:

  • You installed a new version of Rhino 6 / I dont think so
  • You installed a new version of VisualARQ / I dont think so
  • Your Windows has been updated / Maybe?
  • You installed any other third-party plug-in / No, but I maybe repaired a not working version of landdesign, hard to remember

As far as I am concerned I think we prefer to keep our licences on site, rather than on the cloud: the reason is that historically we had far less hardware failures than internet disruptions.


I have a much simpler environment, but I have at least two common points with you :
-I am trying to push the adoption of VisualArq for BIM -related stuff
-I have many Zoo related issues with VisualArq, but not so much with Rhino itself

The second point makes the first very diffficult, not to mention other issues.

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Do you remember what was the text on the pop-up?


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I’ve just released VisualARQ 2.2.3:

This version includes a couple of fixes related to network licenses, and I think that one of them may fix your issues.