Network/Internet activity choking Rhino workflow automation

Yesterday I had problems with my internet connection. But this seems to have revealed a potential problem. When loosing the internet connection I was testing a workflow script fireing up Rhino via a powershell script, and then Rhino got stuck in its startup sequence, showing the following message:


This was after I had run the workflow script several times (while the connection was OK), but here a bad connection seems to disclose that a restless Rhino doesn’t feel like staying at home at all times. No good, no good.

So why is Rhino bumming around all over the Internet exploring the world when I expect it to stay at home and just do only what I tell it do do? I recently moved my Rhino license to the Cloud Zoo account, and I understand that the Internet polling may be related to that, but if so, please don’t do that kind of absolutely non productive things when Rhino is performing critical tasks (like during start up, or some other heavy lifting task). I mean, loading a profile picture to some about box isn’t what I need the most when I want Rhino to start in a fraction of a second.

I just bought a new Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD in an attempt to bring down just this kind of performance bottle necks (opening / saving files and loading times for Rhino & Grasshopper definitions). But please don’t waste my valuable system resources reducing the overall performance when the system isn’t in idle mode, or I suggest that you pay me for the extra hardware I need to counter such performance undermining business… :wink:

Don’t ruin my workflow system!

// Rolf

Changed the category since this seems to be a Rhino account problem. @aj1?

Hi @RIL,

Thank you for your feedback. Currently, Rhino does try to update the profile picture upon launching - unless your computer is disconnected from all networks. If the internet is flaky, this dialog may show up for longer than you might like. I am currently thinking of a way to make this process less intrusive.

In the meantime, I believe you should be able to click Cancel to avoid staring at the loading bar.


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Good if you can let this functionality kick in only when Rhino is not busy.

The thing is, I won’t be there staring at Rhino hanging, since the workflow is entirely automated. Even the invoking of the powershell script is scheduled, so no staring no. :slight_smile:

I can can put a mirror on my work desk if I want to see that awesome profile picture. Why hide it in the About form or in the license form? :wink:

// Rolf

Best would be to just not get the profile picture every start of Rhino, and not automatically. Perhaps a button somewhere that the user can press. I also find this dialog annoying when there is a hickup in the interwebs. It is a delay that IMO is absolutely unnecessary.

It should be enough to get the profile picture on actual log-in.

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Just another case of software developers in their ivory tower smug in their self-satisfied delight over their own cleverness without a clue about the real world and real users - just like the Airbus and Boeing avionics developers whose efforts we hear about in the news. Self-driving cars, too.

Harsh? Maybe so, but it’s existed since the beginning of computing.