.net Core Plugin?

Good Morning,

Is it possible to create a .net core plugin for Rhino 7?

If so is there a Visual studio template i can install to set things up? Alternatively how may I set this up manually?

No. You can’t. You can use .NET Standard 2.0, though.

Are there any plans to support this? or are we waiting for .net 5?

I think adopting .NET Core may shake the current infrastructure of Rhino SDK, therefore leading to breaking changes for all kind of plugins. Don’t know how McNeel would tackle that.

Hi @david.birch.uk

RhinoCommon is compiled against .NET framework 4.5, but the Rhino executable usually runs a newer version of the framework.

We are not switching over to .NET core during V7 development and will re-evaluate when we get around to working on V8.

What library are you trying to reference?


– Dale

Thanks Dale, that makes sense and seems reasonable.
Thankfully I am trying to reference internally developed code.
I’ve switched to .net standard and .net 4.5 as appropriate.

Hello @dale
Has this question been reassessed ?

What interests me is the possibility of unloading DLLs which has no alternative in .NET Framework.

@stevebaer would know more about this than I.

Rhino 8 for Mac is currently using .NET 6. We are investigating the use of .NET 6 in Rhino 8 for Windows, but it is still currently using .NET 4.8. Windows is a trickier situation because we still need to support execution in a .NET 4.8 runtime to support certain Rhino.Inside implementations.


Ok I see, thank you.