Nested embedded and linked blocks disappear all of a sudden and get replaced with nested block

Hi there,
I have a rather odd problem I am not even sure I will be able to describe properly here.
(Please do not be too confused…)

The thing is that we are using linked and embedded blocks in our projects.
And of course it’s gonna happen that we gonna have nested blocks that all contain linked blocks.

So I was designing stuff on my desktop (of course) and referencing files into other files as blocks.
My idea was, that once we gonna move that stuff on the server I’d be able to simply change the paths via scripting and we’d gonna be able to update them.

The result was a very odd one:
Some (really only a few) of the superior blocks (containing the nested blocks) vanished and at the location (and orientation) of theirs I found a single block (part of the nested ones) and no trace leading back to it’s initial superior block.

This description is very poor and I cannot reconstruct it here, because in my eyes that is not possible.
We also had very long and extensive discussions in our team and we did come to the conclusion that it must have been a very unlucky accident? (Or let’s say we rather hope that it is).

So the questions I have are:

  • Did anyone experience a similar situation?
  • What are the best strategies for linked and embedded blocks?
  • Is the way we work a good way to work after all?
  • How can one avoid a bad awakening like ours?

Thanks for your feedback in advance…

Sorry, but we would need a simple example (with files), and the steps to follow to reproduce the problem. Use really simple objects like circles, rectangles, etc.
With that, we can determine if this is expected behavior or if it’s a defect so we can fix it.


@John_Brock, the problem is, so far I was not able to reconstruct the problem properly.
I even think it might not be possible.

My intention was, to find out if somebody experienced something else before.
So maybe my whole idea here is pointless.


Hi Tobias - That does seem like black magic - my only thought is that some of the blocks were not both linked and embedded but some of their sub-blocks were, and these sub blocks may also have been inserted separately as part of some other block that was both linked and embedded. That is a completely wild guess and maybe way off base…