Nested Blocks Bug

I noted this odd behavior when working with nested linked blocks:

  1. “Assembly 1” contains two linked block instances of the “Cube” file.
  2. “Assembly 2” contains one linked block instance of the “Assembly 1” file.
  3. I drag and drop the “Cube” file as a linked block into “Assembly 2”, but then I cannot edit the “Cube” block, moving or deleting it. If I save “Assembly 2” after inserting the new block, this will not show up the next time I open “Assembly 2”.
    Blocks.7z (32.3 KB)

Hi Samuel - thanks, I’ll take a look.


I see you are using V6.21 (build 2019-11-20), but this also occurs in V6.19.

A workaround is to _Copy and _Explode Assembly 1 to access Cube as a non-reference block.

When doing the latter, Cube’s InstanceDefinition’s IsReference (via RhinoCommon) is True before and after the _Explode, but if Assembly 2.3dm is _Saved and _Reverted, IsReference is False.