Nested Blocks and Render Materials

Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and first time with the new interface. Thanks for everyone’s help.

A recurring problem I’m encountering with rendering using downloaded 3d models. They use many levels of nested blocks in order to make repeated geometry as light as possible. This is great, but I’m finding that I have to explode all the way down to normal Rhino objects in order to assign a new render material to the thing. I could use the Block Editor, but often these have hundreds of nested blocks, and I can’t select multiple blocks to edit in Block Editor.

Is there a way to do this quickly?


This should have been possible using the Material Editor in V5. However, there is a bug in relation to block instances which I have just fixed. The next service release will allow you to edit materials assigned deep inside blocks, even if they are V4 style materials (the usual type when you are using downloaded models)

  • Andy