Nest layer after selected

Currently, you have to create a new layer, Then select the layers you want under that layer.

This is just another method of doing that. I noticed it would save me some time occasionally.
I selected some objects, realized it’s all sort of one part, so the layers should be grouped. So I selected the object layers and realized they were scattered among others.

I’d like to just right click, and choose Created Nested Group (or whatever term you’d like to use) to put all those layers into a new group. Just like hitting the “new layer” button, the text should then be active so you can type a name for it.

And yes, I know it doesn’t save That much time. It’s just a nice little feature that might make your experience slightly better. I just clicked new layer, gave it a name, then selected object layers again and dragged them to my newly created layer. But that’s a few extra steps. So if it’s not a ton of work for the programming team, it would be nice.

I agree - this request is already on the wish pile:


What is myjetbrains? Are there two forums for these types of things? That seems rather inefficient.
I searched here and came up empty handed.

YouTrack is a web-based system that McNeel is using to track bugs and feature requests, where some of them are viewable by general public. Many times when you report a repeatable bug or reasonable feature request, it gets added there and you will get a link to the issue.

My earlier post on Layer Parent from selected wish is here: