Nest c-python via hops in compute grasshopper script

Hi @stevebaer

We would like to place a c-python script via hops in a grasshopper script that can be run via compute. As I saw nesting of Hops components is not possible, I would like to know if this is possible.

Not currently, as I completely block nested calls right now. I could remove this limitation when the hops component is referencing a URL instead of a grasshopper definition as a first step toward allowing nested calls.

I created an issue for this at

That would be of great use for us. Thank you.

Hi @stevebaer,

Is it allready possible to nest these Cpython references by Hops in a compute grasshopper definition?

No, you need to wait until the next release of Hops (0,7) is published to the package manager. I’ll hopefully get this done this week.


Nested calls are now available in Hops 0.7.1 which can be installed with the package manager

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