Neon Wish: distributed rendering


Hi Andy - is there a plan in future to enable Neon to be supported by many CPUs over the network?

We have similar setup working in another 3D package/RT rendering engine but getting that in Rhino/Neon would be so much better!

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

Do you want distributed rendering, or just faster rendering?

Because RT rendering doesn’t lend itself very well to distribution over ethernet - the latency is too long.

To improve Neon’s speed, look into Caustic hardware.


Faster rendering via distributed rendering : )

I know about the caustic cards and they are great for a single user; will be hard to justify getting one for everyone in the entire studio though. On the other hand with the distributed rendering a central render farm could contribute to all of them, whenever needed.
This works quite well over Ethernet over here with Vray RT.