"Neon rendering" loop


When using -ViewCaptureToFile with 3150x2400 (scale1), I get a nice ‘Render Loop’.

  1. I issue the ‘-ViewCaptureToFile’ command
  2. The Progress window of “Neon rendering xx%” shows up.
  3. The percentage increases to 100%.
  4. {no image file is written to the hard drive}
  5. The Progress window returns to “Neon rendering 0%” and starts increasing again.

This process repeats itself until I hard-crash Rhino.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Ram is half used up, CPUs are at 90% (where I expect them).

Lower resolutions work fine. I’m experimenting with various resolutions till I find the size where it halts.


Now it is happening at 2100 x 1600 as well, but if I focus the Progress window after the first loop and hit ESC, the image files get’s written.