Neon Issues with Layers, etc


I’m find some oddity with neon time to time. After working in Rhino with neon active, for some time, I find turning layers on and off creates a huge lag. Ten to 15 seconds. Restarting Rhino seems to fix this. I’ve mentioned this before.

Also…and probably a Brazil issue, I’m getting a very dramatic lag on redraws when rotating an environment map when I have a fair amount of polys in my scene. The more polys and the slower everything becomes. This is understood but an app like Arion handles this much, much faster so there seems to be some solution to this.

(Brian James) #2

Hi Paul,

Do you have a sample file I can use to try and reproduce this? It sounds like it is intermittent on your system so I’d also need to know the specifics of your computers hardware. RAM, CPU, GPU, OS and is the viewport maximized at the time of the layer changes? Lighting and materials may also play a role here so please include any textures. You can use to share confidential files.

Do you have a sample file for this one too? I’m also wondering if Neon is active or the Rendered display mode at the time of adjustment to the environment map. Also, is this an HDRI and is it an azimuth adjustment you are making? If you could send the renv file with the texture included I can also try and reproduce it here for a bug report.