NEON install fail


Please help:

This message appeared while trying to install new Neon.
Rhino 5, SR6, RC2 (the latest), EN, commercial version.

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

The message about “Rhno 4.0” is wrong. I’ve just fixed that here.

However, I have no idea why it is going wrong. Could you do the following:

  1. Unpack the batch file from the attached zip file and put it on your desktop.
  2. Put the Neon installer on your desktop.
  3. Drag the Neon installer onto the batch file.
  4. Run the installer until it reaches the message, then press OK and allow the installer to quit.
  5. Send the “installLog.txt” file that has appeared on your desktop to me at


Andy Bytes)


Hi Andy

I followed all your steps, InstallLog.txt(62.6 KB)


(Andrew le Bihan) #4

OK - I think I know what’s happening here. I will get a fix out as soon as possible.

(Andrew le Bihan) #5

You should be able to install the 64-bit version of Neon though.



How could I miss the fact that there is a 64 bit version of Neon?
Downloaded. Installed. Fixed.