Neon Broken with latest Rhino build


Neon seems broken…reflection environments do not render the same in Brazil (completely askew) as in Neon and illumination is considerably different in the final render.

It’s (Neon) pretty much unuseable in it’s current condition.


Brazil disk area shadows with the sun no longer render. Sharp shadows render fine. Trying to get a project done with these kinds of bugs is killing me!

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Nothing’s changed. Can you send me the file?


Can you send me your email Andy…I’m on a different computer and away from my main one.

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OK - thanks. I’ve got it repeated. There’s clearly something wrong, but I’m not sure what. There seems to be a HDR alignment issue in addition to the disc light scaling problem.

The fact that the shadows don’t render on the sun seems to be related to the new “shadows on” defaults in Brazil. My guess is that the issue there is in Brazil.


Glad you see it too. I’ve been using disk shadows with the sun for quite awhile and they worked…not sure when they stopped but had to be not too long ago.

Hopefully you can fix everything soon…one my biggest uses for Neon is tweaking env maps but if they aren’t lining up, I won’t bother with it.

You’re probably aware but the ‘surface’ check box for spec and diffuse in the lights doesn’t work in Rendered or Neon mode.

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I’ve been working on the environment issue all day, and I finally have a fix. I might be able to get it to you later today.

Disc area lights are next.

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OK - finally I have an answer.

At the moment, it is not possible to get the same result in Brazil and Neon if you are using disc area shadows with the sun. This is because disc area shadows and directional lights are … well … they don’t work well together.

If you want them to be stable between the products, use an actual directional light. That way the distance between the object and the light is well known.

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Thanks Andy…but I love using the sun for it’s easy manipulation and control. With a regular light you have to hit F10 to move it in any meaningful way (that’s sure a request for V6 of Rhino…make lights with live manipulators for all parts of them) and then hit F11 to control or change a parameter and then F10 to move it if needed and then back to F10.

I appreciate the tip on a work-around. Any idea when there will be a fix?

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This build fixes the environment rotation issue when the HDR altitude is non-zero.

The bug has always been in there.

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Understood - I’m going to discuss this sun/disc area shadows issue tonight with Caustic.


Thanks Andy but before I install, what is Egret? I don’t have any Egret plugging.


That’s Neon.

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Egret is Neon’s original name. Or codename.


Thanks Andy. that fixed it up…also turning off the disk shadow in the sun matched up Brazil’s and Neon’s look.

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Try using soft shadows instead


Soft shadows just don’t do it. They ‘float’ the object a little too much where-as something like the disk grounds it.

So the disk with the sun has been broken all along? I’m sure I’ve used it in a couple of projects without any issues.

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